Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bamboozle and Other News!

On Sunday, May 3rd we played the BAMBOOZLE FESTIVAL in New Jersey with headliners No Doubt and Taking Back Sunday! We had a great set, a great turn out, and an overall great time! 

You can watch us playing a BRAND NEW SONG, "Heaven Only Knows" right here. 

There'll be MUCH MUCH more news in these upcoming weeks. Oh, and if you have a chance wish Dylan (violin, vocals) and Dom (guitar) a happy birthday!

Gabriel the Marine

Tuesday, July 29, 2008




El Diablo

"I took a deep breath and I listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am."

-Sylvia Plath

The pillow grasped and then it gave
And rapt my falling head
And eyes with wings, still fluttering
Danced behind the curtains of my eyelids.

My feet, while tapping rhythmically
Turned up to me and said,
"I think we'd better turn back, friend
lest we live in regret."

And in that moment, it would seem
That everything came at once.
All fears, all doubts did conference
And glory did fall upon...

--An explosion!

One of magnificent sorts
That would ring round the world for years
Through mountains, seas, and maple trees
Preaching remorse and revere.

Chaos, beautiful in its plight
Delightful in its pangs
Like the thrill of watching cities burn
We danced beneath its fangs.

Erupt from hollow hills, my friend
Of those still fast asleep
When lightning strikes, please do incite
When shrill cries run down the streams.

The echo of the passing dawn
Still caked within my dreams
Sang cannon blasts, long unsurpassed
Now forgone from memory.

(c) Dylan Ebrahimian, 2009. Gabriel the Marine.